Condo Advantage

When it comes to homeownership, there is no greater advantage then living in a townhouse or condo. You can live maintenance free and spend your weekends enjoying all that local amenities have to offer, without the hassle of yard work or shovelling snow.  Here are just a few advantages to owning a Morrison townhouse.


If you are still paying rent - STOP. You can get in to homeownership for virtually the same monthly fee as a mortgage payment.

Design Freedom:

As a renter you don't have a say in the design of your condo or townhome. At Morrison Homes, you can mix and match from a variety of color boards and personalize your townhouse to meet your unique personality and lifestyle.


Living in a condo setting can provide a sense of extra security. Get to know your neighbours and experience the vibrant sense of community that so many traditional neighborhoods' lack.

No Outdoor Work:

You won't have to mow the lawn, weed the grass, shovel snow or deal with any of the headaches of traditional home ownership. For a small monthly maintenance fee you won't have to worry about wasting your weekends working at home.