Floorplan for New Build

The Burton

  • 1,773 Sqft
  • 3+ Beds
  • 2.5 Baths

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Front Garage

The Burton Floorplan

Burton Floorplan
Option 1 Expanded Dining Room And Kitchen Adds 44Sq Ft Option 2 Expanded Mudroom Option 8 Expanded Dining Room And Kitchen 2 Adds 22Sq Ft
Burton Floorplan
Option 3 Deluxe Ensuite Adds 22Sq Ft Only With Option 1 Option 4 Ensuite Shower Option 5 4Th Bedroom And Laundry Room Option 6 Deluxe Ensuite 2 Adds 22Sq Ft Option 7 Central Bonus Room Removes 3Sq Ft Option 9 Central Bonus Room Deluxe Ensuite Removes 3Sq Ft

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