2018 Interior Selection Trends

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How homes have changed since we first started building them in 1961! With our industry, we’re constantly evolving with new styles and options for our customers, and if you’re buying a home this year you’ll want to make note of these popular home trends. Houzz.com rounded up 22 trends that are expected to take hold this year and we’ve selected a few of our favourites that will or already are taking shape here in Alberta.


Matte black finishes.

We’re already seeing this trend come to life in our showhomes and customer homes. You’ll see it with the hardware in some of our bathrooms and kitchens like our Abbott showhome in Sage Meadows.Antibacterial countertops and solid surfaces. There’s a product from Dupont called Corian that helps take care of the bacteria from cooking things like raw chicken and we’ll start to see more of these surfaces incorporated into kitchens and bathrooms.

Dedicated baking and chopping stations.

We all know that cooking and baking at home is really popular so why not have a dedicated station to make things a little more functional. You’ll find these stations attached to the kitchen island, just a little lower so you can get right to work baking that 3-tier cake.


Millwork feature walls.

Millwork has been around for quite sometime but it’s becoming more and more affordable which is why it might be at the top of your list. Something like wainscoting or fireplace face details is a great way to add subtle pizzazz and personality to the walls of your home in a great room, formal dining room or even a bedroom.

All kinds of wallpaper.

Tile lookalikes, wood lookalikes, concrete lookalikes, you name it. You’ll find all kinds of wallpaper lookalikes these days; it’s hot right now and a great budget friendly way to get the look of wood or tile without the cost.


Fish-scale and arabesque patterned backsplashes.

A simple and classic option when it comes to tile and something with a little more movement then your typical go-to rectangular shaped tiles.

Partial glass dividers in bathtub areas.

Instead of a shower curtain in that main bath upstairs, you’ll start to see glass dividers that gives the space a clean, open and simplistic look.


Hidden range hood fans.

With a bigger kitchen, it makes senses hide your hood fan by making it a functional statement piece in the space. And in smaller kitchens, it makes sense to get rid of another somewhat bulky appliance and hide it behind kitchen cabinetry.Mixing metals. If you’re a fan of brass, satin, chrome, nickel, silver, golds and copper, and can never quite seem to make a decision when it comes to these finishes then you’ll be excited about this trend! While mixing these different metals together it’s more about the textures and sheens, and less about getting selections to exactly match.

Concrete accents with tile and wall treatments.

Another way to do a feature wall is with concrete-like finishes often carried our in furnishing pieces as well (coffee tables, pedestals, planters).


Vintage light fixtures.

A light fixture is another great way to add some personality to a space and a vintage light fixture can do just that; think aged copper paired with Edison light bulbs.Dedicated broom and spice cabinets. Organization and function are two things at the top of every homebuyers list and adding a broom closet or space cabinet is a way to further achieve this in your home. Everything in your home deserves a place to be neatly tucked away or displayed.

Rich colours.

Warm grays mixed with earthy mustard, camel, rust, tobacco, and brown/blacks as well as deep rich teal blues which we’ll be incorporating into our brand new Legacy showhome coming this fall.

We’re excited to build new homes this year just thinking about these new trends! Whether you’re looking at our starter laned homes, a bigger family home or an estate on the lake in Mahogany, everything mentioned here is achievable some things of course, depending on budget.

Ready to get started on your journey to finding a new home? Visit one of our showhomes in Calgary or Edmonton.