Creative Wall Finishes add Style to Your Home

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Modern Wall Finishes add Elegance and Style to Homes by Morrison
Today’s modern wall finishes have evolved into uniquely textured and beautiful pieces, creating timeless statements of art and style. The many creative wall finishes offered in our Morrison Selection Studio inspire and stimulate emotions in our homeowners reflecting their personal style.

Everett  Bonusroomwindow

The Meister wall

The Meister wall is the perfect example of modern wood veneer wall. Vertically hung on a track, the 2-3” photo grain boards have staggered depth, creating a dramatic visual effect of texture and dimension. This look is very successfully used as a headboard in a master bedroom, feature walls in bonus rooms, and foyer walls. With eight different colour to choose from, there is something for every taste and style.

Abbott Kitchen2

Stone veneer

Natural brick and stone veneers provide an attractive option to cultured stone. Thinly sliced to reduce weight and bulk, the wide variety of textures and colours create a sophisticated statement that can be used on any wall in the home. Recently, brick was used on a stairwell wall in our show home in Auburn Bay to create a brownstone effect. To offset the dark brick we used lights with crystals, bringing a juxtaposition of balanced elegance, with sparkle and the dark richness of natural stone.

Vista Great Room


Tile has developed from simple backsplash to a significant focal point. Available in all shapes, styles and colours, including mosaics with stone, glass, marble and mirror pieces, tile is used in many places in the home. Tiles surrounding a fireplace extending to the full height of the wall is increasingly popular. Our Auburn Bay show home features a wall using 24"x24" tiles reminiscent of waves in sand. Tiling the whole wall, this singularly bold tile with its strong depth of relief creates a peaceful ambience that one or two tiles would not achieve.

Apex Great Room 2


Hardwood can be carried from floor to ceiling height making an impactful visual element. Depending on colour, width and texture the effect can be bold or serene. A dramatic wall of dark hardwood surrounds the fireplace and soars 17 ft. upward in the two storey great room of our stunning Legacy show home. The effect is innovative and makes a powerful design statement.

Large or small, subtle or bold, our Morrison Design Team creates designs of timeless decor for you walls, making your house a distinctive reflection of your style.