‘Developer Partners’ and the Role They Play

Home School Building 101

Next time you visit a Morrison showhome, take a moment to take in the surrounding area of the community. Does the row of homes flow? Does the diversity in colors and shapes of the homes work together in a harmonious pattern? Are parks easily accessible? Do the community’s character elements - such as the streetlights, signage and other architectural features – tell a consistent story? All of these elements are carefully planned and created by the Community Developer to enhance the community in which you want to build.

We kindly refer to Community Developers as partners because of how closely we work together to ensure our customers have the opportunity to express their individuality while still contributing positively to the overall environment of the community. Our developer partners develop a community outline which provides direction for the builders and our customers to refer to. This outline discusses what type of color and style of home we should consider offering and how close similar homes can be to one another. These ‘guidelines’ are meant to ‘level the playing field’ so that everyone has a chance to understand what type of theme a certain community is trying to achieve.

Along with the look the developer provides all the other essential elements of a community: such as the roads, sidewalks, parks, grading and overall layout. Having one group focus on how to harmonize all this into an attractive yet workable form allows the builders to focus on the details of the home. This partnership creates the habitat in which the community will grow into. This partnership exists through the entire building process and beyond, often working behind the scenes well after you’ve taken possession making sure that those new to your surroundings are also keeping your bests interests in mind.