Helpful Tips for Selling your Home

Home School Building 101

Sell your current home quickly and effortlessly with these easy tips and clear the path to your beautiful new Morrison home. It may take a bit of work before your home goes on the market, but a little goes and long way, and you will be rewarded with a fast sale closer to your asking price.

Home Exterior: Curb Appeal

Curb appeal evokes an emotional response from the prospective buyers, you only have one chance to make a good impression, so make sure the outside of your home is the best it can be.

• Revitalize flower beds, add blooming seasonal flowers with good color
• Make sure the lawn looks healthy and is always cut and trimmed
• Clean the front porch and entry way, make them as appealing as possible
• Paint the front door and railings if needed or for a boost of curb appeal
• Touch up any exterior paint necessary
• Make sure the garage door is closed and hide away all bikes, scooters, toys, etc.

Home Interior:

Ensure your home allows prospective buyers to visualize themselves in the home with their belongings. Keep furniture to a minimum, décor subtle, and eliminate clutter.

• Wash and dry windows inside and out until they gleam
• Open curtains and turn on the lights for showings, always make the home as bright as possible
• Eliminate clutter throughout the home
• Pack and store personal items and photos
• Keep the home clean, neat and smelling good
• De-clutter and leave space in closets and cabinets, it is important for the buyers to realize there is lots of storage in the home
• Repair any damage to the home, and if you are re-painting, keep colors neutral

General Tips:

• Confine pets during showings to ensure their safety and to protect buyers who may be afraid of animals or have allergies