Landscaping: The Downside to Burying Your Downspout Extension

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If you’re planning a major landscaping project, chances are you aren’t thinking about how it can affect your warranty. But, when it comes to proper water drainage, landscaping that involves burying your downspout extensions can actually wreak havoc.

Here’s why:

While your home’s surface water management system is covered by The Alberta New Home Warranty program (if properly maintained), any subsurface water systems are not! By burying downspout extensions, you are at risk of voiding the warranty on the elements of your home that may be adversely affected. For example, if the new subsurface water management system you’ve installed causes negative slope or allows water to collect adjacent to your foundation, your new home’s warranty will not cover repairs.

Bottom line: keep the “bottom line” of your water drainage above ground where it belongs. This way, you can enjoy your beautifully landscaped yard with the peace of mind knowing your new home warranty is in equally good shape.

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