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Top New Trends in Mudroom Design

Once considered a simple room to take off dirty shoes and throw your jacket on a bench, the mudroom has become a popular trend and highly desirable element in new homes. Normally connected to the secondary entrance, mudrooms have been a space that has kept the outdoor elements from entering the heart of your home. It may start with storage, but a mudroom can do so much more! Here are some of the new trends that make the mudroom one of the most flexible and desired spaces in a new home.

Multi-purpose space
As a room traditionally designed for functionality and efficiency, mudrooms are now being designed to be one of the most versatile, multipurpose rooms in a home. Mudrooms are a great example of how sometimes, you can do a lot more than you think with less space!

The main purpose of the mudroom may be to provide a space to remove shoes and other outerwear, but mudrooms are now beginning to serve multiple different purposes for families. It’s quite common for mudrooms to also serve as the laundry room, storage room, washing and rinsing station and even a dog wash fully equipped with a floor sink or small shower space. Mudrooms also often have a comfortable built-in bench or other seating to make using the room more convenient.

Thanks to the versatility of mudrooms, you no longer need a bigger home to fit everything you need. With mudrooms, you can maximize the use of your square-footage and have the right size of home for your lifestyle through multi-purpose functionality.

Amazing storage solutions
For Alberta families, it seems like there is never enough space to store all of the jackets, sweaters, hats and other outerwear that accumulates to help us get through the various climates we experience every year. Closets are crammed, cabinets are overflowing and every nook and cranny of available storage space is stuffed with warm layers that won’t be touched for a number of months.

Modern mudrooms have become so much more than the traditional bench with a single closet. They are now sophisticated, efficient spaces that provide attractive and creative storage solutions for your home. Often, mudrooms now contain shelving, cubbies, racks, hooks and baskets; enough room for each member of the family. To maximize available storage space, many mudrooms now provide cabinetry that goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

An even more common trend, locker-style cabinet units, are becoming fairly standard for homes where family members need their own space. This clever storage design allows a bottom section for footwear, a tall mid section for coats and a smaller upper unit for headwear. These storage units can have a door, or be open to the room for maximum speed and efficiency.

Space for artistic expression
Recently, mudrooms have become an entryway for more than just people. Mudrooms are also a space where creativity and personality are welcomed into the home. Wall space is a blank canvas and a great opportunity to let your family’s personality shine through! For years, the common mudroom trend was to have plain colours that don’t add a lot of life to the home. This long standing trend has been eliminated by the addition of colours, images and a lot of personality.

Mudrooms have become a great space to add a splash of colour, photo galleries or collages, black boards for daily to-do lists, and other little personal additions. If you’ve gone with the locker storage option, it’s also become a popular idea to paint the inside of each locker a different colour; one specific to the individual who uses it.

While the majority of your home may follow a colour scheme or design style, your mudroom presents an exciting opportunity to mix it up and be a little different! Change up the colour, add some exciting photos or art to the walls and let your family’s personality out in your home’s mudroom.

Mudrooms are a space in the home that has evolved significantly in recent years to become one of the most desirable, sought after spaces for buyers. They offer versatility and convenience that is not seen in any other room in the home while also making life easier and more efficient for homeowners. As you design the mudroom for your new home, remember these exciting new trends to create the perfect mudroom that is not only efficient for your family, but adds a personal flare to your home.