New Interior Selections To Explore

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Gone are the days of visiting different suppliers to make interior selections for your new home, at least with Morrison anyways. If you didn’t already know, Morrison has a one-stop shop Selection Studio located right at our head office in Calgary, a service that we have offered as part of our building experience since 2006. If you’ve built with us, you know that we pair you up with a design consultant who collaborates and works alongside homebuyers to make all of the interior selections for their new home through a series of scheduled meetings.

What you might not know is that this space is in constant flux to keep up with design trends and new offerings. Fairly recently, our Selection Studio team did a complete overhaul of the space. The last time the studio was overhauled was just over 5 years ago so we were due for an update. We took a look at current trends in the industry as well as good quality offerings made to last and updated our show room to include more of those choices, some which are included with our standards and some that would be considered an upgrade. The studio was well planned from the very beginning, which made it really easy to repurpose areas, make updates and add new finishings to really show homebuyers what their new home could look like. Another feature that was top of mind for the overhaul was including a space of comfort and rest that our studio guests could actually use but also served as a place of inspiration for their own selections.

To be current with new trends, a few things you’ll find in the studio now are matte finishes on floors, shapes and textures in tile backsplashes and cabinetry finishes in both gloss and acrylic. We have tons of choices for every interior selection that suit all styles and price ranges. Flooring is where you will find the most offerings from carpet, hardwood and tile to leather, vinyl and cork.

Morrison's Selection Studio is not only a playground for new homebuyers but for the studio team too! Each member of our team is an expert in all areas of interior selections for new homes, but you know they have their favourites:

  • Carole Saguez is a trend chaser, always incorporating the latest into anything she designs.
  • Amy Hemminger is all about practical selections; balancing cause and effect.
  • Angela Carr loves cabinetry and overall symmetry.
  • Lindsey Taylor has a knack for pulling together a space with colours and textures.

Our team is really proud of the space and what we’ve done to it for this particular overhaul. It’s always been a place of inspiration to help our customers get the house they want for the money that works for them and we believe that to be even more so today. With the many offerings we can show our customers, we get to help them spend their money in places that are most important to them whether that means flooring that doesn’t get scratched up from the dog, a statement feature wall where your fireplace lives or a chef’s inspired kitchen for the culinary guru. Those who work with us can see the high value that Morrison includes in our construction and finishes and that we will really are the best friend any new homebuyer could ask for.

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