The Evolution of Wallpaper

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Wallpaper has come along way over the years. This is no longer your Grandma’s wallpaper. Over the past 10 years wallpaper has hit the forefront of interior design and is incorporated into many residential and commercial spaces. Wallpaper can transform a room in an instant. You can go bold & vibrant or soft and subtle, to bring life to any space. Wallpaper can set the mood with color and design. A bright cheerful print lightens up the entire room while a dark and dramatic print immediately lends a formal more elegant feel. Wallpaper can also change the perception of a room’s size and dimension, making it look larger, smaller or taller.

If you wince at wallpaper because you recall the horror of removing it, well rejoice….with this wallpaper evolution we are now seeing ‘Peel & Stick’ wallpaper.

YES Peel & Stick, which means you can add wallpaper to a feature wall or an entire room, when you are tired of it or are just ready for a change, just peel the wallpaper like a removable sticker and toss in the trash. No steaming, no scraping, no crying from the agony of tiny pieces flaking off the wall.

You can order this wallpaper in beautiful patterns, colors and staying on trend for 2017 in amazing murals.

What do you think, are you brave enough to try it?