The Important Purpose of Architectural Controls

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Urban dwellers often have the desire to live in a beautiful home in a beautiful community that is part of a beautiful city. To accomplish this, developers implement architectural controls on communities to create engaging communities that follow a theme and promote community investment. Newer communities are developed with their own individual identities that are seen flowing through the homes, roads, and parks of the community. If you’ve ever wondered why developers use architectural controls in communities, we’re here to help as we break down the very important purpose of architectural controls and the benefits they provide to homeowners.

What are architectural controls?

Before the ground even breaks on a new community, an architectural vision is already being considered. Working within municipal bylaws, developers form a vision for their new community’s identity. This includes the colour palettes, the types used and styles of homes that will be built, and even the theme they want the community to follow. Architectural controls help create a beautiful community, but they also serve the purpose of protecting homebuyers and creating a unique community that provides a tremendous variety of homes, colours and styles. Through architectural controls, buyers are able to get a great sense of what they can expect to have in their new community before they commit to buying their new home.

Factors considered when implementing architectural controls

The purpose of architectural controls extends far beyond simply making communities look aesthetically pleasing. Architectural controls also exist in communities to improve sustainability, livability, community connectivity, and community identity.

When determining a community identity, developers consider multiple factors before executing their vision. Developers begin by looking at all of the various trends and styles that are currently popular in architecture to help guide the styles of homes that will be included in the community’s theme. Developers may also conduct focus groups with prospective buyers to get a sense of what people currently in the home buying market are looking for in a community and a home. From these focus groups, the developer can then determine what home styles and colour palettes they want to use in the community and what the overall community identity will be.

Benefits to homeowners

The existence and implementation of architectural controls is an integral element in creating beautiful, desirable and liveable homes and communities. Along with creating beautiful communities, architectural controls also provide a breadth of benefits to homeowners.

When you choose to build in a community that has architectural controls, you are also buying a sense of individualism with your new home. Each home in this type of community is much more personal; you’ll never open the door and look across the street at a home that is the exact same as yours. Developers and builders understand that homeowners do not want to live in identical homes. Your home is part of your identity! Architectural controls protect home buyers and allow them to buy a home that is uniquely theirs.

Another very important benefit for homeowners is that homes in architecturally controlled communities often prove to have a greater resale value than in communities lacking architectural controls. This is due to this type of community’s ability to sustain itself over time. Because architecturally controlled communities are built with a vision and identity in mind, often homeowners in the community develop a closer connection to the community itself, leading to increased community investment that helps the community’s longevity. Without this critical community investment, there would be decreased community upkeep and it would lead to a more dated community.

Lastly, builders and developers of communties that implement architectural controls often take every stage of life into consideration; including multi-family living, single family homes, and homes for downsizers in the building plan. This makes it possible to age in place with options for every stage of life all within one community! If you fall in love with your new community, you don’t have to worry about one day having to go elsewhere for a different home option.

Architectural controls have become a common practice in community development as they provide so many benefits to not only the community, but homeowners as well. While beautifying the community and promoting community investment, these controls also provide a variety in options as no two homes will be identical. As you explore new communities looking for your new home remember that in an architecturally controlled community, the home you choose will be unique to you!