7 Steps To Decorating Your New Home

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You're just about to take possession of a brand new home and the last task on the list is to fill it with furniture, decor and beautiful hand-picked pieces to make it feel like home. Designers Edge shares their 7 step process to make staging and decorating your new home a little easier.

  1. Space Plan Your Furniture. Think about how you will use the space in your home. Will you want a TV room on the main floor, or in the bonus room upstairs? Think about the flow of traffic in each room and then scale-in your furniture. You’ll see which of your existing pieces will fit in the space and which you will need to purchase.
  2. Figure out Your Decorating Style. Your decorating style will dictate your colour scheme and the overall feel of your home. Take a look at your favorite furniture and décor pieces. Do you love floral-print fabric and antique pieces? Your style could be traditional. Or do you prefer clean lines and minimal accessories? You lean towards contemporary design. Whatever your style preference, keep it in mind as you decorate your home.
  3. Decide on a Colour Scheme. Match your colour scheme to your decorating style. Choose base pieces, such as a couch or a rug, in a neutral colour. Then add colour and pattern through curtains, pillows, throws, and accessories.
  4. Choose Feature Walls. Think about where you want to make an impact or add a layer of interest in a room. Perhaps you have a painting that you love—there’s no better way to highlight it than on a feature wall. Wallpaper is great for adding texture, while paint colour will set a different mood.
  5. Purchase Your Furniture. Because you scaled-in your furniture, you’ll know what dimensions to buy so your pieces are neither too small nor too large for your rooms. Stay away from matching couch sets—your furniture should coordinate but not match. Mix patterns with solids to create an interesting room.
  6. Layer Your Rooms. We all want a house that feels cozy and inviting. You can evoke that feeling by layering your rooms with different textures. Make your couch welcoming by adding textured pillows—choose velvet, faux fur, cable knit, etc. Don’t forget a cozy throw or two, and a woven basket to hold even more blankets.
  7. Accessorize with Books. Books are an inexpensive way to accessorize with impact. They fill space without adding clutter, and their clean lines complement your favorite accessories.