Changing The Bulb In a Glass Covered Light

Home School Care & Maintenance

1. To reach the light fixture with a burned out bulb use a small step ladder that gets you high enough to safely reach the glass.

2. Ensure you have safe & proper footing before reaching up.

3. Locate the metal clip that is held in place by a spring – 1 piece total.

4. Firmly grasp the glass piece and move it towards the spring loaded piece so the glass clears the other 2 non-spring loaded clips.

5. Lower the glass out of the clips.

6. Replace the burned out bulbs as needed.

7. Put the glass piece back into the 1 spring loaded clip first.

8. Push the spring loaded clip forward with the glass until the piece clears the other 2 stationary clips.

9. Raised the glass above the clips.

10. Slowly allow the spring loaded clip to retract the glass back into place so all 3 clips are supporting the glassChanging The Bulb In a Glass Covered Light