Checking And Cleaning Your HRV

Home School Care & Maintenance

1. Locate your HRV in your basement mechanical room.

2. Release the 2 latches on the top of the box on the left and right sides.

3. Lower the door to expose the interior of the unit. Opening the door will turn off the HRV.

4. Remove the 2 filters located at the top of the diamond shaped core by pulling them towards you.

5. Remove the core by pulling it towards yourself.

6. Use a vacuum and remove and dust and dirt from the filters and rinse them each under warm water until the water runs clean using your hands. Do not use soap or any type of cleaning device like a sponge. Also do not fold, bend, or wring out the filters – allow them to drop dry for approximately 30 minutes. Do this approximately every 3 months.

7. Rinse the core under warm water, the same as the filters, with no soap or cleaning devices until the water runs clear. Allow to drip dry for approximately 45 minutes.

8. Re-insert the core back into the HRV unit in the basement.

9. Put the filters back in place on top of the core – there are grooves that hold the filters in place.

10. Close the access panel and re-secure the latches on the top. The HRV will power back on in 1-2 minutes.Checking And Cleaning Your HRV