Designers Edge and Showhome Styling

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Back in March, we opened two duplex showhomes in Auburn Bay. And as you walk through them, you’re probably thinking “how did they make these homes look so good?” Well, it all starts with a plan and a few talented people.

First our design consultants choose flooring, cabinetry, tile, light fixtures, etc from our Selection Studio. Then, we work with a designer to decorate, furnish and stage the home. Designers Edge is the team behind the duplex showhome décor in Auburn Bay and we asked Danielle and Candace a few questions on how they styled these two homes.

What was your overall vision for the décor of the duplex homes?

“The vision for these homes was to appeal to the demographic of this area all while creating two very different looks. During the design process we start by looking at the finishes within the house and determine a style/theme for that house. For these two homes, we decided on mid century modern for the Bailey and industrial/rustic for the Ashton (both of these styles are currently trending in the design industry). Every potential home buyer has a different style so by showing two different designs we hope to make these homes not only beautiful spaces but allowing buyers to see themselves living in that house.”

Have you incorporated any hot new trends?

“Mid Century Modern (in the Bailey) - natural tones, simple and minimalistic. Bright, bold colours and patterns including bright blues, turquoise and gold.”

And “Industrial Rustic (the Ashton) - weathered and distressed wood. Mixing metal and wood finishes. Monochromatic colour schemes with pops of colour including red, orange and yellow.”

How did the design selections and floorplans play into the décor?

“Design selections helped us determine the theme for each house. The floorplan and design of each home helps us determine the ideal buyer and demographic. For these two homes we envisioned young families. The Bailey has an upstairs loft so we designed that space for a family with teenagers as that would give the family an additional living space. We thought the Ashton floorplan was perfect for a family with young kids or a couple who was thinking about starting a family. Both floorplans would work for a couple or single without children and the smaller rooms could be used for additional living spaces such as a home office, craft room or in my house, another walk- in closet…the options are endless!”

If you were to choose a favourite room in each home, which one would it be?

“For the Ashton, it’s the nursery. I don’t get to design a ton of nurseries so for me this room was by far my favourite. I love everything about this room from the arrows to the prints to the felt animal heads on the wall. Let’s just say I had a lot of fun shopping for this room!”

“In the Bailey, it’s the great room. My favourite part of this room is the blue sofa - it’s something I’ve personally wanted to do in my home but haven’t and after seeing this space come together, I just might have to make some changes in my home. The space is simple yet stunning and it offers just enough colour to be interesting without overpowering.”

Do you have a few helpful tips for homebuyers looking to decorate their new homes?

  • "Do your homework, decide on a style and stick to it. Start a Pinterest or Houzz idea board and add the things that catch your eye to them. You’ll start seeing a pattern in the pictures and that should help you narrow down the colours and styles you love.

  • "You don’t have to do the same thing in each room but your home should have some consistency and flow.

  • "Spend your money on the things you don’t plan on changing every year like you’re sofa, dining table, bed ect. Save money on accessories and accents. These are the smaller details that can transform a space, if you get tired of a certain colour you can swap it out for a different colour later on.

  • "Don’t be afraid of using colour and patterns and also mixing different colour and patterns in the same space."