Essential Outdoor Furnace and Hot Water Tank Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

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Essential Outdoor Furnace and Hot Water Tank Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

We may be getting through most of the very cold weather, but Mother Nature always has some tricks up her sleeve and there will likely be more snow and ice. To help keep your furnace and hot water tank in top shape for the rest of the winter and for winters to come, here are some tips to ensure your outside vents remain de-iced and un-blocked.

The vents of your hot water tank and furnace tend to have ice build-up from the ground up, like a tower, and if left un-checked, the ice can climb up and into your vents preventing your furnace and hot water tank from getting enough air. Snow can also build up and block the vents. The end result is your sources of warmth and hot water could shut down.

From the first snow of winter to the last, shovel an access path to the side of your home where the vents are located, so you can keep them free from snow and ice. Gently shovel snow away from the vents and carefully break off any ice forming as they can become damaged in extreme cold if hit by a shovel.

If things get away from you and vents become clogged, use a hairdryer to melt away the ice and snow; never snap ice off your vents or hit the pipe with anything hard. Some vents have a screen that can become blocked in winter. Keep a close eye on these vents and gently brush away snow and minor ice, if necessary, use the hair dryer method to keep you and your family warm all winter long.

Every home requires regular maintenance to ensure systems work properly all year long. Always consult your Morrison Homeowner Guide for information and advice on homeowner maintenance. If you have additional questions, contact one of our warranty coordinators, we are always happy to help.