Five Great Reasons to Build in Paisley in Heritage Valley

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Paisley in Heritage Valley is southwest Edmonton’s most exciting new community! It’s thoughtfully designed to bring people together in a space that thrives on friendship and authentic connections. Conveniently located at 141st Street and Paisley Road, this community delivers the ultimate balance of city-living and a tranquil environment. Paisley features everything from modern homes and lush green spaces to an endless supply of shops and services nearby. If you're looking for a vibrant community for you and your family, Paisley may be the perfect fit! Here are five great reasons to plant your roots in this inviting community.

1. Easy access to amenities

Location is everything when it comes to choosing a new community! You want to live somewhere that’s close to all the amenities necessary for you to live your ideal lifestyle. In Paisley, you get easy access to everything from coffee shops like Caffiend, to recreation such as the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre Paisley is situated close to great schools, coffee shops, dentists and tons of unique shopping centres in the Heritage Valley. Not to mention, big retailers like Co-op Grocery, Scotia Bank and Tim Hortons are scheduled to move into Heritage Valley this summer. Paisley’s ideal location, close to both necessities and luxuries, makes it easy for residents to create the lives of their dreams.

2. Tons of room for your four-legged friends

Paisley is home to one of south Edmonton’s newest off-leash dog park – the second of its kind in the city! When you live here, your furry friends can roam freely through 0.9 hectares of wide-open space. Not only does the park offer room to play, but it also offers room to train. You’ll find hound hurdles, flexible weave poles, tire jumps and many more amenities sure to get those tails wagging with excitement. Paisley’s off-leash dog park is the perfect location for an afternoon of fetch with the four-legged members of your family.

3. Live in a beautiful community

We can’t think of anything better than living in a picturesque community with stunning views at every turn. Paisley features four colourful and dynamic sculptures to celebrate the community’s diversity and creativity. You’ll enjoy exploring the community – experiencing these one-of-a-kind art pieces alongside everything Paisley has to offer.

4. Unique architectural guidelines

We understand how important self-expression is to every homeowner. When you live in Paisley, you get to build a home that’s a true reflection of your personality and taste. Homeowners in Paisley get to browse from 23 front garage home options provided by Morrison - all with an innovative and modern aesthetic. Also, if you want more personalization, you can always modify the floorplan in your new morrison home so your space cab better cater to your needs.

5. A community that fosters connection

It’s important that the community you live in feels like home, and what better way to do that than to get to know your neighbours? Paisley is complete with tons of winding pathways and streets designed to create an intimate community feel. It’s also home to charming green spaces which make ideal locations for neighbours to meet and socialize. This way, it’s easy to communicate, connect and build lasting relationships – making Paisley a community where neighbours can truly get to know each other.

With its stunning views, jaw-dropping homes, nearby amenities and welcoming feel, Paisley in Heritage Valley is the perfect place for any family! Stop by our showhomes today and explore your options!