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Five Floorplan Details to Make Your Home a Better Fit

Whether you are new to the market or you’ve owned before, finding a home that suits your lifestyle can be a challenge. Finding a home that has the right functionality and flow for everyone is of paramount importance. As you explore showhomes and check the boxes on your home must-have list, it’s important to consider how each space in the home will cater to your lifestyle and flow from one area to the next.

When looking through showhomes for the perfect fit, buyers often focus on the larger key rooms. This includes the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and living space. Though these spaces are very important to consider, it’s the smaller, more unique spaces that add convenience and personalization to your home. These include model dependent spaces such as flex rooms, mudrooms, and home management centres. It’s important to explore multiple home options and ask about personalization options as you determine the right fit for your family. As you evaluate your new home options, consider some of these unique personalizations to get the most out of your new home.

Flex Room
Ideal for large families, a flex room is a brilliant room to look for in your floorplan. As the name implies, this room can serve nearly any purpose to meet your family’s needs. Whether you need an additional living room so your kids can be with friends or you want to create an ambient space for family movie night, a flex room gives your home tremendous diversity.

Flex rooms are usually associated with an open layout to the rest of the home; making it easy to use as a second living room, library or simply as a seating area. However, more recent flex room design has seen a shift towards a closed space to provide more privacy. With a closed flex room, it becomes possible to have a quiet home office, dark home theatre, additional bedroom or home gym.

When considering functionality and practicality, nothing does the job quite like a mudroom. As a room that has evolved tremendously over the years, this space has gone from being a closet, to a slightly more spacious area with a bench to a full room in the home with seats, hooks and cubbies.

The mudroom is the entryway to your home and is a space where every member of your family can have their own area to store things. If you have a large family, a mudroom is a must-have as it keeps the clutter out of the rest of your home and provides functionality to store all of your families outdoor necessities.

Spice Kitchen
As a developing trend in home design, spice kitchens are a smaller, separately contained kitchen space typically used for cooking cultural foods with strong aromas. These rooms often have their own ventilation system to capture the strong scents before they escape to the living spaces of the home. A spice kitchen usually just contains the essentials for cooking: stove and range, sink, microwave and enough counter space to prepare.

Located in close proximity to the main kitchen, spice kitchens offer multiple advantages to homeowners who love cooking. With a smaller footprint in the home, everything is within arm’s reach. If your inner culinary expert wants to thrive in your new home, a spice kitchen might be the perfect addition!

Every home has one, but they’re not always designed for your lifestyle! Pantries are a kitchen necessity for every household. As home design has evolved, so too has pantry design. Pantries now come in multiple different shapes and sizes depending on homeowner preference. Whether you are looking for a simple corner pantry unit or a spacious and convenient walk-thru pantry, your lifestyle is a large determining factor.

Corner pantries are a great way to save space in the home while still having a lot of storage space next to the kitchen. They keep your food and other groceries out of the way and allow for your kitchen to remain a more intimate space. They are great for couples or smaller families where traffic flow throughout the home is less of a concern.

For larger or busier families, walk-thru pantries have become a very popular trend. Walk-thru pantries improve the accessability of the storage space and make it easier to carry groceries into your home and put them away. For a household where everyone is on the go, walk-thru pantires help divert foot traffic and add to the convenience of your home.

Home Management Centre
Another fun space to personalize that is often overlooked is the home management centre. This is an important space in your home than helps to keep everything organized. Ranging from a home office style space to a smaller vanity or countertop, home management centres are all about efficiency. Walk through the front door and have a place to put your bills or check the calendar on the wall to review the kids’ weekly extra-curricular activities; it can all be done right there at your home management centre.

A home management centre can be fully customized to meet your family’s needs. It can be as simple as a space to stay organized, or as complex as additional living space or a small office. Whatever space your family needs most, you can have it with a home management centre.

Lastly, when dreaming of the perfect floorplan for your lifestyle, don’t forget about the most important detail: your family! If your family is growing, or you have plans for growth, make sure to include some extra growing room in your new floorplan.

From main rooms to smaller, unique spaces, every part of your home should reflect the way you live and with Morrison Homes, it’s possible to create the home of your dreams! For over 5 decades, the Morrison team has been building quality homes for every lifestyle. We provide a variety of models in every community; each with a wide array of floorplan options that reflect your needs, wants and lifestyle. Our award-winning design team can even help you create a custom design to make your dreams a reality. After all, this is your home. It should be the perfect compliment to your lifestyle.