Home upgrades for your furry family members

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People treat their pets like family and let’s face it - pet owners will always go that extra mile to make their home more comfortable for their fur babes. Here are six of our favourite pet-friendly home upgrades that will make your life easier and will add an extra flair of style to your home.

Dog food nook

1. Built-in Eating Stations

Sometimes pet bowls can be an eye-sore in a trendy room or can be a tripping hazard. Consider building a custom eating station for your pet so that it’s tucked away. The bottom of kitchen islands or lower kitchen cabinets are popular spots for these personalized eating stations.

Source: Pinterest | Blackband Design

Dog bed 2

2. Built-in Bed

We all have that place in our home that we love to go to rest and relax, so why not build one for your pet? Built-in beds are often made in similar areas to an eating station, but underneath stairs is also a unique place. Consider adding a crate door if you keep your pet enclosed when you’re away from home.

Source: Pinterest | Net Luxury

Cat door

3. Dog/Cat Door

Give your furry family members some freedom and let them come and go as they please with animal doors. There are DIY kits to set them up and there are even some advanced electronic doors. These only unlock when the electromagnetic chip on your animal’s collar is nearby and this protects you from any wildlife entering your home.

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4. Central Vacuum

This upgrade might not impact your animal directly, but it's a great option to keep your house clean from any excessive dander and dirt your pets track throughout the house. Keep fur and allergens to a minimum with a built-in vacuum system for your house. Plus, central vacuums save you money over time and increase your home’s overall value for future resale.

Source: Pinterest | Buanderie Blog

Pet Bath 2

5. Pet Bath

Skip the pet wash and install a station directly in your home. There are a number of ways to make bathtime more comfortable for you and your pet such as installing a dog wash sink in the mudroom or a ground-level pet shower in your laundry room. Budget-friendly options include purchasing a pet bathing nozzle for your shower or creating a DIY station in your backyard.

Source: Pinterest | HGTV

Dog run

6. Dog Run

Setting up a dog run in your backyard is the perfect way to keep the rest of your yard free from waste. They are commonly fenced off from the rest of the yard and can be made with gravel, turf or concrete. Before building yours, make sure you measure out a space large enough for your pet’s size and consider picking materials that match the rest of your backyard.

Source: Pinterest | Exstream Landscaping

Pets are such a huge part of our lives, no matter the type of animal! Whether you are in the new home building process or you are looking to upgrade your current home, it’s not too late to consider any of these upgrades!