How to Maintain Your HRV Ventilator

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As part of our Home Warranty Series, we've come up with step-by-step maintenance video guides for common house hold problems. In this video, you'll learn how to maintain your HRV ventilator.

What to do if the lights on your HRV control panel are blinking or non-responsive.

  1. Locate any HRV control panel in any bathroom.
  2. Press and hold the button on the panel for 5-10 seconds until the lights stop flashing.
  3. You can now press the HRV button to activate it again to any length you choose – it will be working normally.

How to open the HRV, remove the filters & core, clean each piece and close the unit back up:

  1. Open the HRV door using the 2 clips on the top side of the unit – once opened the HRV will automatically shut off.
  2. Locate the filters on top of the core – these should be cleaned once every 3 months, remove the filters by pulling straight out towards yourself.
  3. Remove the core in the same manner – this should be removed and cleaned at least once every 6 months. This unit is approximately 15 pounds so please use caution when removing the core.
  4. Rinse the filters under warm water in your sink until all debris is removed – do not use soap or any other cleaning products.
  5. Allow these to drip dry in the sink – do NOT ring these dry as this can damage the filters.
  6. Rinse the core in the shower using warm water – same as the filters – do not use any soap or cleaning products.
  7. Install the core (this has to go in first) back into the HRV then put the filters back in place on top of the core into the little slots they fit in.
  8. Close the HRV panel and secure it closed with the 2 clips on top of the unit.
  9. The HRV will turn back on within 1-3 minutes of closing the door.