How To Replace a Furnace Filter

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Here's how to replace your furnace filter:

1. As usual, safety first.Turn off your furnace before attempting to replace the filter.

2. Next, find the furnace filter. It's usually located in the middle of the furnace.

3. Slide the filter out and check to see if it's clogged up with dirt and debris. If it is, this means it's time to place in a new one.

4. Use a filter that is designed for your specific furnace, and make sure to pay attention to the direction of airflow.

5. Get your new filter and slide it in where your old one used to be, making sure the airflow arrow is pointing to the burner.

For the best results and to keep your furnace running efficiently, we recommend checking your filter monthly and changing the filter when it appears dirty, a minimum every 3 months.