Making Sense of Changes to Alberta’s New Home Warranty Program

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On February 1st 2014, the Alberta New Home Buyers Protection Act will take effect. It is a comprehensive piece of provincial legislation ensuring every home buyer in Alberta is protected under the same warranty rules. For the Morrison homebuyer, the legislation will not mean any major changes. Morrison has always believed in the importance of making sure our customer’s investment is protected. Beginning in 1974 when the company helped found The Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP), to receiving the ANHWP Leadership in excellence award for 35 years of outstanding Customer Service, Morrison believes in taking the homeowner’s side when it comes to warranty protection.

What Does The New Home Warranty Program Cover?

  • 1 Year for Labour and Materials (Everything going into the construction of your home)
  • 2 Years for Delivery and Distribution (Defects in labour and materials for electrical systems, plumbing, gas and heating) which covers the electrical, HVAC, plumbing and gas systems. This does not include fixtures, appliances and low voltage systems as they are covered under the one year warranty
  • 5 Years for Building Envelope (Exterior of home such as roof, walls and cladding)
  • 10 Years for Major Structural Components (foundation, roof systems, flooring systems)

What Is Expected Of Me As The Homeowner?

Homeowners are recognized in the legislation as playing a vital role in the maintenance of their home. Homes are shells we live in, and similar to your vehicle, they need regular maintenance to ensure the longevity of systems and to keep up general health. So keep, and read, manufacturer’s manuals for things like furnace, hot water tank, air-conditioning, etc. Check your Morrison Homeowner Guide for helpful hints of how to maintain and get the most out of your home.

How Do I Resolve A Deficiency Covered Under Warranty?

In the unlikely scenario that something were to happen, homeowners should take the following steps:

  • Report problems in a reasonable time to your Morrison Homes Warranty Coordinator
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent additional damage
  • Provide access to your home and property

A Special Note About Deposit Insurance

Under the old program, it was mandatory for builders to offer deposit insurance to customers. This gave third party protection to the homebuyer’s deposit. Under the new program, deposit insurance is optional for builders. Morrison Homes is proud to continue to provide deposit insurance to its customers and encourages all homebuyers to ask their builder of choice whether they offer deposit insurance as well.

NEW: Home Warranty Registry

Another part of the legislation is the registry. Builders are required to register each new home/project. This will be helpful if homeowners are unsure of exactly what parts of the home are still warrantied, or in a resale situation where warranty can be assessed.

Additional Warranties & Information

It is also helpful to remember that many products in the home have a separate manufacturer’s warranty that applies above and beyond the required warranty. So keep all your paperwork together, just in case.

For additional information please contact your Morrison Warranty and Service Coordinator, or go to Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act