Making The Best Interior Selections For Your New Home

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Making interior selections for a new home can be a little overwhelming for some. So, we've put together a list of tips to think about even before you start the process.

Motivation For Moving

There are several reasons that might motivate your need to move – your family is growing, functionality of your current home, style and design, need for more space, less space. Get those reasons nailed down as they’ll be a huge help as you choose the design of your new home.

Problem Solving

After you’ve honed in on your general motivation for moving, it’s time to get specific on what problems you want your new home to solve. Things like where light switches are located, not enough storage in your kitchen and being able to do laundry upstairs are a good place to start. Write down all of your frustrations, wants and needs as that will help with building your new home.

Show Your Style

This is where we want you to compile all of the inspiration your have for your new home. It helps us to see exactly what you like so we can collaborate with you on getting your home’s interior selections just right. You might lean towards traditional and classic, something a bit more modern and contemporary or perhaps a combination of the two.

Decide On A Colour Scheme

Colour is a great starting point for your interior selections and helps set the tone for the entire home. It might even be an exact match to something you saved to your MyStyle account. What colours do you gravitate towards and take you to your happy place when it comes to homes? Think about matching your colour scheme to your decorating style as well so when it comes to décor and furnishings down the road, you are content with your selections.

Furniture Plans

Something we often tend to forget about is the furniture that will be going in our new home. Are you utilizing what you already have or do you have plans to re-furnish? Are there particular pieces of furniture that you need to accommodate in a room? Planning your furniture is an important piece of the puzzle as you make selections.