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Giving back to the community lives in our DNA, it’s part of who we are at Morrison. We are always keen to give back to the communities where we live, work and play, especially when it comes to our area expertise; building homes. When the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) and the RESOLVE Campaign team first approached us about being part of the initiative to end homelessness in Calgary, we instantly knew it was a good fit. We want to give back to those who need it the most and we’re pleased to be doing just that with the build of a new assisted living residence.

The RESOLVE Campaign in partnership with the CHF is dedicated to providing affordable and supported housing to vulnerable and homeless Calgarians. As part of the initiative to end homelessness in the city, we’re constructing a 24-unit building in Crescent Heights called the Providence House (one of eleven planned builds for the initiative).

“We’re humbled by the opportunity to work alongside a very dedicated group of people from many agencies, which will enable us to provide the most vulnerable with a place to live and give them the basic security that a home provides” says Rob Kennedy, President of Multi-Family and project lead for this initiative. “These individuals will no longer have to operate in basic survival mode. Having a place to call home will give them hope and the opportunity to change how they live their lives, and Morrison Homes couldn’t be more thrilled to help make that difference.”

Each 400 sq. ft. unit will feature a bedroom, living room area, a bathroom and a kitchen. It will have all the basic home necessities and most importantly, it will serve as a safe place for these Calgarians to come home to. Plans for the building also include a common area for use of all occupants and additional support groups are scheduled to help with whatever these residents may need.

Morrison Homes is one of eleven veteran builders in the city making a significant contribution to the RESOLVE Campaign and collectively, this group of homebuilders will give back $15.4 million through this initiative. These eleven homebuiders were also recognized at the 2015 Generosity of Spirit Awards, winning the Philanthropic Group Award for their work together. The Providence House will be the second build to be completed out of the series and is scheduled to be move-in ready by the summer of 2016.

What are our hopes for the Providence House and the rest of the builds? “To offer a permanent living solution for the homeless in Calgary and provide a place of belonging and safety to the most vulnerable,” comments Rob.

You can also make a difference! Visit to find out how you can help support this initiative.

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