P-Trap Removal

Home School Care & Maintenance

What to do if you drop something down a sink or if the sink is slow to drain:

  1. Use a cloth or sponge to soak up any water currently in the sink basin.
  2. Squeeze out the rag/sponge into your bucket.
  3. Open the cabinets under the sink, and place your bucket underneath the P trap as this holds water even when functioning correctly and is not blocked.
  4. Use a wrench, or your hands, on the top coupling above the P trap and turn counter-clockwise to loosen.
  5. Repeat the above process on the back coupling nut.
  6. Pull the P trap down into the bucket – water will drip out – and turn the trap over inside the bucket to drain the rest of the water.
  7. Check the trap for debris and/or items – remove them as needed.
  8. Slide the P trap back onto the drain pipe and ensure the back collar is lined up with the pipe.
  9. Use a wrench, or your hands, to turn each nut clockwise (on the front and back of the P trap) back into place so it’s snug and secure.
  10. Leave the bucket in place.
  11. Turn the water on to check for leaks underneath the sink.
  12. Once confirmed everything is dry, and not leaking, remove the bucket.