Seasonal Work: What to Expect and the Role You Play

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With plans to get decks built, fences up, and driveways paved, the wait for the completion of seasonal work can seem like a lifetime. Here are some tips and information to help you further understand the process and stay in the loop as to when you can expect certain exterior items to be complete.

Seasonal work, such as grading and paving, is difficult to predict at the best of times. Many factors affect when it begins and how quickly it can progress. Generally speaking, frost stays in the ground until the middle of May to early June. Rainfall can help bring the frost out of the ground, but also prevents lot grading, as heavy machinery will sink into the wet ground. Typically, seasonal work begins in mid-June and ends mid-August. Seasonal work is scheduled in a block-by-block sequence, and is not based on possession dates.

Be sure to look out for your seasonal letter, sent out in early May. This will detail the seasonal work process and provide you with a login and password to the service portal. To access the on-line system, go to, and ensure http://www is removed from your internet browser address line. Remember things like one day of rain can set work back 2-4 days, so it is important to check the system regularly.

Seasonal Items include:

• Rough Grading of each lot
• Final Loam of each lot
• Driveways, sidewalks and patios
• Parking pad installation
• Stucco – already underway
• Exterior paint – already underway
• Exterior stone – already underway

What we ask of you:

• Ensure lots are clear of patio furniture, barbeques, toys, dog houses, etc.
• Do not build or install decks, fences or any structures until the homeowner on-line system shows a date beside ‘Lot Grade Certificate – Confirmed’, after final loaming
• A final City of Calgary Lot Grading Certificate will be sent to you by mail (could take up to three months after final loaming)
• Ensure cars are moved off driveways and parking pad locations for concrete pouring as directed by Morrison Homes updates
• Do not park or drive on an newly poured driveways or parking pads for 28 days post pour
• After 24 hours you may walk on all poured concrete

Maintaining Sod:

• Sod laid after final loaming must be watered thoroughly within 24 hours
• Minimal walking on Sod until it has taken root (usually two weeks)
• Water regularly, do not let the sod dry out
• Landscape maintenance and repair of any settlement after final loam and/or sod is installed is the responsibility of the homeowner

We are working hard for you:

Everyone at Morrison homes understands how important seasonal work is and how much our homeowners want to build decks and fences to enjoy the summer season, but since we cannot control Mother Nature, we ask for your patience. We are working hard for you to get the job done.

For more information:

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Morrison Homes Warranty Coordinator.
For more information on the City of Calgary Lot Grading Certificate, go to