Set Screw Tighten

Home School Care & Maintenance

How to tighten bath & shower handles if they become loose:

  1. Close your tub stopper or place a rag over the shower drain if there is no stopper to avoid anything falling down the drain.
  2. Use a utility knife, or flathead screwdriver, to remove the cap (approximately 5mm across) on the underside of the handle.
  3. Set the cap cover to the side.
  4. Insert the appropriately sized Allen key into the hole, once securely placed inside the set screw, rotate clockwise to tighten the set screw until snug and secure.
  5. Remove the Allen key and give the handle a jiggle – it should now be tight and have no excess movement.
  6. Place the set screw cover back into the hole on the underside of the tap and push to secure it in place.