Simple Tips to Save Money on your Utility Bill

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When it comes to saving money, every dollar counts. This is especially true with homeowners. Your home’s utility bill is a necessary evil in order to enjoy the benefits of owning a home; but it doesn’t have to be a burden on your bank account. Here are some great low or no cost changes you can make for a lower utility bill.

Manage temperatures wisely

The furnace is one of the most common energy-eaters in a home. Luckily, programmable thermostats help homeowners control temperatures, and they can be found as standard additions to most new homes. This simple home automation tool can save up to 10% on your utility bill! Set your thermostat to a lower temperature when you’re out, and a comfortable temperature when you’re home could save an average of $173 per year!

Wash your clothes on cold

High-efficiency washing machines have become the new standard and thanks to the technology they provide, hot water isn’t always necessary for normal loads of laundry. A great way to cut your utility costs is to wash your clothes on cold. On average, washing clothing in cold water could save you $153 per year.

Remember to unplug

Did you know that even when it’s turned off, if an appliance is plugged in, it’s using energy? Some appliances like your fridge, stove and dishwasher simply cannot be unplugged and plugged back in all the time. However, when your smaller electronics are plugged in on standby, they could account for 10% of your home’s electricity use and could cost over $50 per year.

Consider plugging these devices into an easily-accessible power bar that has a basic on/off switch. This way, you can easily cut the power to your devices without struggling to reaching behind furniture. Unplugging these smaller devices may not seem like a lot, but in the long run, the savings add up!

Be water-wise

Water. It’s our most precious resource and one of the most used utilities in the home. Along with being an important resource, water has also become a very expensive household necessity. Taking shorter showers, running taps less often and smart gardening can help save up to $200 every year!

Change your lighting

Incandescent light bulbs have been a home staple for years. Though they give off warm, cheerful light, they are a very expensive lighting option as they consumer a lot of energy. Newer light options, like LEDs or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) use only 10-15% of the energy used by incandescent lighting. These bulbs may cost $30 to buy, but they can save you over $120 annually. Best of all, LED and CFL lights also last longer than the typical incandescent bulb, saving you trips to the hardware store for new lights!

Improve air circulation

To keep your home’s air circulation system running at maximum efficiency, it’s important to keep your vents clear from debris or pet hair and replace your furnace filter after the recommended elapsed time.

The vents in your home circulate air throughout and when blocked, they force your HVAC system to work harder to generate airflow. Furnace filters serve the important purpose of keeping debris that may be gathered from entering your home’s air circulation system. A dirty filter means that your furnace is working much harder to gather air. It is very important to replace your filter every 3 to 6 months, depending on the instructions on the filter. To make sure you’re always on top of your air filter, set a reminder in your phone to remind you to replace it. Maintaining your air circulation system would save you up to $65 per year.

No matter what stage in life you are at, saving money is always important. Your home is the biggest expenditure you are likely to ever have and with that home comes your utility bill. Paying your utility bill doesn’t have to break the bank. As you think about ways to save, consider some of these tips to help decrease you utility bill and keep more money in your wallet. Do you know of any other ways to save money on your utilities? Share your saving strategies with us!