Top 5 Reasons to Live Outside of Edmonton

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If you’re someone who grew up in the city of Edmonton, then it’s likely that you’ve always pictured yourself buying a home there as well. But have you ever wondered what living just outside of Edmonton would be like?

There are quite a few reasons to live outside the city that you might not have even considered! Check out this list of reasons, along with two of our favourite communities to live in located just outside of Edmonton.

1. A Quieter, More Relaxed Lifestyle

If you feel like the city's rush and buzz have become too much, then a more rural area is definitely where you want to be! A short drive out of the city can help you to feel a lot more relaxed and is a place where you can indulge in some peace and quiet. Once you make the move, you’ll be able to live a relaxed lifestyle more permanently.

2. A Better Sense of Community

There’s something about rural living that helps bring its communities closer. With fewer people, the community tends to get to know one another better, leading to closer relationships with neighbours.

If you need a helping hand or if your kids simply want other children to play with, it’s always nice to have neighbours you can also call friends.

3. Better Access to a Healthy Lifestyle

Staying active is a lot easier when you have quick access to things like walking and biking paths, hiking trails, bodies of water for swimming and fishing, mountains for skiing, and so much more!

You’ll also have access to plenty of fresh, local food and might even go so far as to grow your own garden.

4. Live with Less Stress

As we mentioned earlier, living outside the city is sure to help you feel a lot more relaxed, which also means less stress! Fewer cars on the road, more fresh air, a friendly community, and quick commutes to the amenities you need are just a few things that will help lessen your stress.

5. Distance Between Neighbours

You might love your neighbours, but you also might love your privacy and having a bit of distance between your home and theirs. Rural areas mean more space and fewer residents, so you’ll be sure to get the breathing room you need without feeling isolated.

Where to Live Outside of Edmonton

Now that you know why living outside the city is so ideal, you’re probably wondering what options are available to you in terms of communities. Here are two of our favourites!

Elan (Beaumont)

As a family oriented community, Elan offers tons of great amenities, including playgrounds, parks, green space, walking trails, and a sports and recreation centre nearby. Elan is also close to schools and the airport, which means you have access to everything you need.

Many homes in Elan are also built with front porches, which will make your home feel more inviting than ever.

Riverside (St.Albert)

Riverside is another great community just outside of Edmonton that is surrounded by nature and features tons of open space. So, you won’t find yourself sitting in congested traffic as you head to facilities like the shopping centre, just 5-6 minutes away, or the Anthony Henday freeway.

If you’re looking for a family oriented community, then Riverside should definitely be at the top of your list!

Rural living has a lot to offer and might just be the best choice for you and your family. If you would like to take the next step towards moving outside the city, be sure to learn more about Elan and Riverside. Your new rural lifestyle awaits!