Visiting Your New Home During Construction

Home School Building 101

Whether it is your first home or you're downsizing for retirement, building a house is a very exciting time. Being part of the entire home building process only adds to the excitement!

Morrison Homes is one of the few builders in Calgary that encourages clients to visit as often as they’d like. During showhome hours, our clients can come and go to their sites as they please. Allowing them to see their home from stake to finishings and everything in between.

We do require our clients to follow a few guidelines to ensure their safety. Visiting during showhome hours means you get to see our smiling faces, but also allows us to outfit you with a fancy hard hat and stylish safety goggles (both of which are mandatory)! Also, don't forget to bring your spouse or a friend to see the progress, because, as we all know, there is safety in numbers!

We want our clients to enjoy being part of their build. So come by, take photo's and make a scrapbook because those memories will really help make that house your home!