Why Building Your Home is a Good Choice

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A home is often the single largest investment that a person ever makes. While the home buying process involves a number of important decisions, one of the most important decisions a buyer needs to make is whether to shop around and search for an existing home or to build a brand new home in a community of their choosing.

In some cases, the cost to build a new home may be higher, and that might cause you to first consider the purchase of a pre-existing home; but not so fast! You might be amazed to learn about just how beneficial it is to build a new home instead! Building a brand new home to suit your lifestyle and needs often proves to be a great investment further into the future. Here are the top reasons why building a new home is a good investment.


The largest and most obvious advantage that comes with building a new home is choice. You get to choose exactly the home you want, with the upgrades you want, in the community of your choosing. Building a brand new home means you never have to settle, and you don’t have to buy a home with the expectation of renovations or remodelling. Do you want a large kitchen island overlooking the open concept living room? Just say so! What about a second floor bonus room for your kids to play in? With flexible floorplans and personalization option, it can all be built into the design of your new home. Your chosen builder is excited to help you create the home of your dreams from the ground up.


It’s certainly possible to look through listings, check out showhomes and eventually find the exact home to meet your needs, but a newly built home comes with something very important that you won’t find in a pre-existing home: a warranty.

A new home warranty protects homeowners from any issues that they may incur upon moving into their new home. Without one, homeowners are responsible for any repairs - from small leaks to pricey foundation problems - the instant they move into their home. Having a home warranty not only provides homeowners with peace of mind, it also prevents some unexpected costs as they get settled into their new home.


A new home means the newest technology. When you choose to build a brand new home, you’re often buying a home that is more energy efficient with improved HVAC, insulation and air filtration systems. Often, builders will also include environmentally friendly, more efficient toilets, plumbing, and electrical fixtures that could help you save money in the long-term. But there’s a good chance it’ll save you money for years to come.

Everything is New

When everything is new, what’s not to like? When you build a brand new home, there are no hidden costs that may be associated with repainting, exterior upgrades or repairing leaks. Best of all, a new home can actually be a healthier home. A brand new home is far less likely to have any health concerns that can sometimes come with an older home. This includes things like asbestos or mold. In many older homes, these dangers can hide below the surface but in a new home, you get the peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from the unknown.

Resale Value

One day, your family may grow or you may even want to downsize into a smaller home. Also, when you build, it is a lot easier to get a return on that investment down the road when you decide to sell. In most cases, a newer home is more appealing to buyers than a home that is aging and has been lived in by different people or families over the years. For a secondary buyer, a newer home should also require fewer repairs and less maintenance.

Selling your new home may not be on the top of your mind today as you search for the right option, but in the future if you ever decide to move, you’ll want to get the best value for your home.

There’s something special about being able to create the home of your dreams and have the opportunity to see it get built from the ground up. What do you think is the best thing about building a new home? Let us know!