Why You Should Consider Buying A Showhome

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Presale homes, quick possession homes and show homes are your three opportunities to move into a brand new home in a new community. While we think all three have their benefits and place in the market, here we share a handful of reasons why you should consider buying a show home.

Professionally Designed and Decorated. A team of experts have designed and decorated the entire place. They know the trends, what textures and colours work well together and how to tie the entire home together with one simple piece. It’s like having a designer for free but it has already been done for you! Plus they’ve picked out some amazing furniture pieces that fit perfectly… which brings us to our next point.

You Can Purchase the Furniture. We all walk through a show home in awe of how it looks. That’s what they are meant to do. But sometimes you think, how can I ever replicate that look in my own home? Well, we have a solution. All of those furniture pieces you fell in love with when you walked through the show home, you can buy with the home!

Phase Development. When purchasing a new home in a new community, one of the frustrations is the surrounding construction and noise as the phase gets built. We like to call it music to our ears because that means we’re doing what we love – building homes – but others may disagree. Show homes are usually built around a phase that is pretty much complete, so when you purchase this home it’s for the most part, fully developed around the lot.

Possession Date. Possession dates of new homes vary depending on the type of home you’ve purchased (presale homes, quick possession homes and show homes). When a show home is for sale, possession dates are usually the earliest out of your three new home choices.

Warranty Program. Protecting your investment is important and having a great warranty package helps do this. Good news for you is that by purchasing a Morrison show home, you’ll get all the benefits of our Warranty Program including direct access to a dedicated member of our Warranty & Service team.

Resale Value. With your home being one of the biggest investments, you want to know that it will keep or gain value overtime. With show homes, they give you an extra selling point when you are ready to sell and usually it means your home has a better resale value over others.

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