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Don't Keep Us a Secret

Give free upgrades. Get $1,000 cash.
Friends and family make the best neighbours. So we’ve made referring them easy and rewarding with our Refer-a-Friend Program. As a current or past customer, get $1,000 for everyone that you refer if they build with us. Plus, pass on a $1,000 credit in the Selection Studio. Now that’s worth celebrating!

Referring Has Never Been Easier

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Submit your referral!

Simply submit your referral using the form below.

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Your friends and family visit us!

We'll reach out to your friends or family to set them up to visit a Morrison home.

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You're Both Rewarded

If they purchase, you get $1,000 and they get a credit for $1,000.

Refer your friend or family today!

We can't wait to help them

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The Homebuyer's Best Friend.

When your friends are ready to make the largest purchase decision of their lives, you can rest assured that they'll be well taken care of. Backed by the industry's strongest track record of customer satisfaction, our promise and passion is to build beautifully crafted, personalized homes through a building experience your friends will love.


Frequently Asked Questions

when will i recieve the cash rewards?

A cheque will be mailed to you after your friend’s non-refundable deposit has been received. If your friend is on a structured payment plan, we may require more than one deposit payments before your cheque is issued.

Can i refer someone if I'm not a Morrison Homes customer?

While we appreciate all referrals, we are not offering commissions for non-customer referrals at this time.

can i refer more than one person?

Of course! The more, the merrier. You can refer as many friends and family members as you’d like. And you get $1,000 for each that builds with Morrison.

Can I refer someone who has already had contact with Morrison Homes?

No, to be considered a referral, the referred prospect cannot have had previous contact with agents of Morrison Homes. Morrison Homes reserves the right to decline referral registrations if all conditions are not met.

Will I receive a referral reward if I refer someone who purchases with the help of a realtor?

Unfortunately, rewards will not be issued if the referred customer is realtor assisted

Do I qualify for the $1,000 reward if I refer myself as a repeat customer?

Absolutely. We love our repeat customers.

Some conditions apply. Read our Terms & Conditions.